MS Slammer - Huddleston Baits - 316 Lure Co.
Jerry Rago Swim Baits -Black Dog Baits
Castic Hard Baits - Castaic Soft Baits
XX Series Double Joint 24
7'' Slammer
9" Rainbow Trout
12" Slammer
15" Slammer (special order)
12 inch prototype shad made 2003
12 inch ROF 0 flat tail Rainbow trout
12 inch ROF 12 paddle tail # 21
Initialed, numbered and dated 12 inch paddle tai
Original label from Brookings Oregon
8 inch signed rainbow trout prototype
Pic of prototype signature on 8 inch
Prototype and production bait side by side
Notice the tail difference much fatter on proto
Show special cut throat trout signed
Cut throat autograph ken Huddleston
Show special Juvenile trout   
Initialed KH numbered 7
Show special Tiger trout
Initialed KH numbered 7
Show special Filmore 2
Initialed KH numbered 18
HBC Tournament Special whitefish
Original baby bass wake jr
Red color baby bass sent to Japan
Next style baby bass wake jr signed
Signature of designer Mickey Ellis
Baby wake night stalker
Original 10 inch wake bait
Original 10 inch Armageddon
Limited edition 1 up Trout
Scarce 2 up in Shad color
The Real Deal Rainbow trout
The baby real deal in Kokanee color
Hitch hardbait proto wag-tail 1 of 3
10" tool hardbait proto wag-tail 1 of 3
Bluegill hardbait proto wag-tail 1 of 3
Ripbait wood handcarve 1 of 1
7" Generic Top Trout
9" Generic Top Trout
Generic Live Trout
15" Generic Trout Wood
12" Generic Trout Wood
Generic Rat
Generic Rat
Johnny Gill Blue Gill
12" Rago Generic 6-3

Rago Tool, 13 inch

Raptor Thunder Trout, 8"

Raptor R-4, 4 peice, #2 0f 2

Raptor 8" bass, #2 of 2

Raptor 8" Kokone
Raptor 10" Trout Special
Raptor 6" Baby Trout
Hitch 7" Hard Bait Prototype

Hitch 7" Hard Bait Prototype

12" Generic Trout, Bass Color
Rago Baby Bluegill
Rago Baby Bluegill
Early Bass Punker made of Balsa wood
Bass Painted in 2005 Jeremy Andersons 22nd punker made
Early Trout Punker 
Painted in 2005 also made of balsa wood
One of the first 6 inch punkers
Made in January of 2007 # 8 balsa wood
1st production run Punker wrapped by Billy Egan in 2009
Prototype Jointed Punker from 2011
Jointed Punker from 2012 never released
Black bird wood shellcracker
Different view of black bird wood shellcracker
Wood Bubba Cracker
Resin Prototype shellcracker
Wood bill cracker
Wood Bubba bill cracker
Wood 5 inch punker
10 inch injected punker
Prototype Prop-gill 
Prop-gill # 3 never went into production
Blank G-2 shellcracker
Trout proto 1 of 5
Ultimate bluegil