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Work from Ken Huddleston and Chomp Josephite

Original prototype 1 of 12
2nd prototype The Blacktail
Note the K31 on Kens bait
Unfinished Blacktail with bill
Note the K30 under the bill
First Production run no boxes
Number 512. Never seen a lower #
2 Bait dowel spun on a lathe then drilled for weighting
The baits cut ready for final carving and hardware
Note No joint possible deadstick Castaic
Sanded down ready for hardware
Tail holes screw eyes and bill installed
Another view of bait waiting for hardware
Eye holes and primer getting ready for paint
Eyes installed
Early 2nd production run prototype
Another early prototype with some hardware installed
The 2nd series with the olive box is born
The Number A01 is ready to go
In the box ready for distribution
Ken Huddleston Signed lure in 1995
Partners Ken Huddleston and Chomp Josephite signed bait
Stamped Castaic Not Signed in Ink
Castaic Stamped no paint
Castaic White fish 1 of 2
Castaic White fish 1 of 2
The smiley face
Early Production bait # A 45
Early Production bait # A-46
Early Production bait # A-62
Early Production bait # A-90
Early Production bait # A-63
3 first production run baits
# 512, 516 and 566
1st production run prototype
Notice no toothpicks to set tail. Tail has been glued in place
2nd production run waiting for hardware
Signed smallmouth with note on box from designer Ken Huddleston
12 smallmouth bass of a production run of 500. There were no numbered smallmouth
10 baby bass 1st generation all A series numbered
2 baby bass numbered A-48. End of the day and start next day?
A-50 and A-51
A-56, A-57 and A-58 Note the screw eye positions

Blue Thread Fin Shad
Green Thread Fin Shad
Baby Sunfish
Baby Crappie
Castaic Trout in Shad Pattern
Castaic Trout 1st Edition
Blue Gizzard Shad
Green Gizzard Shad
12" Castaic Trout


Castaic Handcarved T29 Hardbait


9" Castaic Rainbow Real Bait
Platinum 8" Trout
Platinum 8" Bass