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Work from Chomp Josephite and Ray Dias

First 9" prototype ready for new wire harness
Test runs for first 9 inch bait molds no harness
Test runs for first 9 inch bait with harness
Different single piece mold for 9 inch bait
9 inch prototype ready for paint
4 - 9 inch injected baits ready for paint
9 inch hard plastic fins prototype
9 inch prototypes. note the different pectoral fin slots
9 inch Gizzard shad and Silverfish prototypes
Castaic Silver fish box
5 of 50 Silverfish painted
Castaic Gold fish
4 of 50 Gold fish painted
7 inch prototype, baby bass, wood prototype
7 inch wood prototype, 6 inch solid body, baby bass
6 baby bass ready for paint
Baby bass mold
9 inch injected trout Production box
Rainbow trout and Brook trout
Paul Duclose autographed box outside
Paul Duclose autographed inside of box
# 9 out of 100  trout autographed numbered to 100
14 baby bass all different paint jobs
# 30 of 1000 produced baby bass 2nd generation
# 30 bait with box  
# 8 baby bass
Baby Trout box
3 of 50 baby trout produced
Baby bass from Chomp to his uncle George
Chomps name in the joint
His Uncles name
The speckled Trout
# 2/2  speckled trout